General Donations

YOUR GIFT demonstrates your compassion for those who have suffered the profound loss of someone they love and caring for those of us who experience or live with suicidal thoughts or behavior …thank you.

The SPCCH is a charitable non-profit volunteer organization, funded by private donations from individuals and organizations. All donations are directed towards educational materials, training or community opportunities to help us work towards our vision of creating a suicide safer community by reducing suicidal behavior and its impact on individuals, families and communities. We are very grateful to the caring and generous donors who support our vision and goals.

To request in memoriam donation cards please send an email to and include your name, contact information and the funeral home. We will be pleased to ensure that you receive the cards to share with your family and friends. The in memoriam cards have a section to leave with the family as well as a section that you can include with your donation to request a tax receipt.

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