School Mental Health Grants

We are pleased to announce that the Suicide Prevention Community of Council will be providing mental health grants up to $1000 per school in 2017. This has been a popular program for engaging students in mental health awareness over the past two years. Please find attached the grant application form for 2017. Similar to previous years, we are asking the mental health leads for each school board facilitate the process for engaging interested schools.

The SBMH Grant Review Committee will utilize the following criteria when deciding upon grant funding: promotes mental health awareness, breaks stigma around mental illness and mental health problems, builds capacity, promotes help seeking behaviour and resilience, and advances the Hamilton Suicide Prevention Strategy – SPCCH.

Download the SPCCH School-Based Mental Health Grant Application 2018

In addition to submitting a grant application, participating schools will be asked to provide a one to two paragraph summary of the outcomes achieved so we can help profile and share project information on our website. Participating schools will also be invited to participate in a half day Youth Leading Youth conference to be held in November, 2017.

The SBMH Grant Review Committee will meet in early March. If you have any questions, please email

Glendale BearsCare Wellness Initiative

We are proud to present this video created by participants of the 2016 grant program

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